100 Days of Summer

Half way – already!

Inspired by a few other photographers, I decided to take part in this project – documenting something small from each of our days for one hundred days. And yes, I know summer is only ninety days long, but in Queensland, it really does go on for longer than the calendar indicates.

My favourite part of photography is the documenting part, the showing of life with all its little blemishes and scars. So sometimes that includes a basket of washing in an image here and there, maybe a tantrum, maybe some dirty dishes. But who cares? I love looking back on them, seeing an exact snapshot of that particular moment in time.

I love photographing clients this way – in their homes, with all their bits and pieces that make them, well, them. I don’t get to do it that often, people baulk about being photographed surrounded by the things they see everyday. But I think it’s cool to look back and see that point in time when number one son had two teeth missing, number two son needed a haircut, the kitchen remained unrenovated and we had that funky old lounge (whatever happened to that?!). You should let me photograph you this way – it’s awesome.

Anyway, here is our summer so far…