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Growing Up Together {Noosa Pet Photographer}

Growing Up Together is an ongoing personal project of mine, documenting the relationship between older dogs and older kids. One of my fondest childhood memories is just hanging out with our dog, having her follow us around the beach, or running alongside us while we rode our bikes to the park to catch tadpoles and…

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Lola {02.11.04 – 08.06.16}

Oh old girl, today was the day we gave you your wings. I’d hoped the decision would be easier, that somehow you would let us know. But you didn’t. You fought tooth and nail right to the end, in typical pug style. I thought I’d feel some peace, but I don’t. It just hurts. Yesterday…

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  • Micaela

    Well I just tried to read your blog post aloud to my hubby, but I only made it halfway through before I was sobbing. Such beautiful words. Such a gorgeous girl, I’m sure she knew just how much she was loved. Your photos are so precious. Sending love to your family at this sad time. I will squeeze my two puggies a little tighter tonight xxReplyCancel

January Photo A Day

Each year, along with a growing number of other photographers, I take part in the January Photo A Day challenge. It’s a good time of year because the kids are on school holidays, we are usually getting out and about a lot and if nothing else, it reminds me that taking photos of my own…

Surfing Dogs: Noosa Festival Of Surfing {Noosa Photographer}

Every year, Noosa holds its Festival of Surfing and this year, I was actually around to watch the start of it – which involved surfing dogs. Yes, dogs on surfboards. I’ll admit I was a little bit skeptical when I first heard about it, do the dogs really enjoy themselves? Is it just a gimmick…

  • wow what fun!!!! Some of the digs look like they’re having a blast!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anrich

    These shots are amazing! Can you remember the name of the dog that won?ReplyCancel

  • These are just so fabulous Katie!
    What a great day that you captured.ReplyCancel

  • So much awesomeness in one place! Loving the pics, especially the one of the guy carrying the dog over the rocks. I’d also love to see the GoPro footage they were filming!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Lohan

    Pinto the dog is being carried over the rocks by his trusty owner! I think Huggsley was the winner.ReplyCancel

  • Now that has brought a smile to my face…what fun!ReplyCancel

  • These are absolutely bloody fantastic! I wish I was there!ReplyCancel

Just Sid {Noosa Sunshine Coast Pet Photographer}

Sid and I walk along Noosa River most afternoons, usually with my ipod shoved into my ears and legs shuffling along at quite a pace. It’s my time to switch off and just walk. Of course, with Sid on the end of the lead, I don’t really get to do that – he attracts a…

  • Love SID!
    Love those locations.

    How great to have a companion that you can enjoy this scenery with.

    Such beautiful spots.ReplyCancel

  • What a good model Sid is and he is so cute! Love all the photos! I totally agree with you about using a reputable breeder when choosing a dog.ReplyCancel

  • Lovely images esp. the last 3. Love them! I’ve never had a pet and for years I said no to my daughter’s request to have a puppy but last year I caved in. Now, we cannot imagine our lives without our little buddy!ReplyCancel

  • Lovely photos! Very artistic.ReplyCancel