Eli + Shannon: Married {Blue Mountains Wedding}

If there was an award for the sweetest people on earth, Eli and Shannon would win – hands down. From what I saw on their wedding day, their family and friends would agree. They are so loved and they love everyone close to them in such a genuinely open and honest way. Not a single second of their wedding felt like work to me, as I was treated like some sort of camera wielding VIP. I was welcomed with open arms, thanked more times than I could count, fed amazing food and just made to feel very much part of their special day. See the way they are looking at each other? That’s all Shannon and Eli, I didn’t have to even try with these two – it all just happened. The Blue Mountains provided a perfect backdrop for their images. I literally gasped the first time I saw each of those locations and was thrilled to hear that Shannon wanted to trek into the burnt out sections in her white dress. Then later she asked ‘Can we lay on the grass?’. Um, YES YOU CAN. I love it when a couple are as excited about their images as I am. For a girl that lives on the Coast, seeing parts of Australia like this just blows my tiny mind. I love it.

You guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly. It was such a special day and one I won’t forget for a long time.