Felix {Noosa Newborn Photographer}

‘Any type of love it will be showed
Like every single tree reach for the sky
If you’re gonna fall I’ll let you know
That I will pick you up like you for I
I felt this thing I can’t replace
When everyone was working for this goal
Where all the children left without a trace
Only to come back as pure as gold
To recite this all

Hey oh here I am
And here we go
Life’s waiting to begin

I can not live
I can’t breathe
Unless you do this with me…’

– Angels and Airwaves

You might remember Nik and Jason from a month or so ago. The miracle of life, eh? So very amazing. Even more so because his parents are such beautiful people and very good friends of mine. I already love Felix like one of my own, so you will be seeing a bit of him as he grows and changes. This makes my heart happy.