Growing Up Together {Noosa Pet Photographer}

Growing Up Together is an ongoing personal project of mine, documenting the relationship between older dogs and older kids. One of my fondest childhood memories is just hanging out with our dog, having her follow us around the beach, or running alongside us while we rode our bikes to the park to catch tadpoles and now witnessing that same bond between my own children and dogs melts my heart. When we gave our lovely old pug her wings last year, I decided that I would love to photograph more old dogs with their kids – the ones that have been together long enough to forge that easy but strong friendship.

If you are on the Sunshine Coast and interested in taking part in this project, please get in contact. Ideally your dog(s) and child(ren) would be on the older side (8 years +) and I would photograph them doing something they love together. You’d have to be ok with the images getting shared both here and on social media and you’d receive a couple of images for your time.

Michael + Kira: Married

Maybe it’s because Kira and I grew up streets apart. Maybe it’s because her parents remind me of mine. Maybe it’s the beautiful connections between everyone involved. I’m not sure, but oh my goodness this wedding was so special. I loved every minute of it. Having kids involved always pushes a wedding from smoothly running dream day to a little bit mad and slightly unpredictable blur. That’s where the magic lies, I think. Michael and Kira were married in a cute little church over looking the city, followed by a rad reception in Kangaroo Point. The love was obvious from the very beginning of the day right through to the end. These two are so lucky to be surrounded by people that adore them so very much. And to be honest, I’m a bit in love with them too. They’re pretty tops.



Kira + Michael: Engaged {Noosa Wedding Photographer}

Kira grew up a street away from me, her parents worked with my parents and we have various connections through our siblings and friends. So when she contacted me about shooting her wedding, I could not have been more thrilled. I suggested Sunrise Beach for their engagement shoot as I love photographing people there – it’s quiet, easily accessible and in this case, somewhere we both hold close to our hearts. It’s home. These two were legends at the shoot, it was all very comfortable and relaxed. I can’t wait for their wedding, as I know it will have exactly the same vibe.


Lola {02.11.04 – 08.06.16}

Oh old girl, today was the day we gave you your wings. I’d hoped the decision would be easier, that somehow you would let us know. But you didn’t. You fought tooth and nail right to the end, in typical pug style. I thought I’d feel some peace, but I don’t. It just hurts. Yesterday I took you for ice cream and then an afternoon trip to the beach, I’m positive it was the best day of your life. You enjoyed yourself so much. So much that I was doubting that final vet appointment we’d made. But this morning you were tired, you found a patch of sun and snoozed away – not even getting up to greet me when I got home from a very teary school run. It was time. Even though you still found joy in food, your body was giving up. I didn’t want to wait until every day was a bad day. So I hope that wherever it is that dogs go when they leave us, that it is warm and you find your patch of morning sun. That you find Harry and he can show you around while you chase him on legs that work properly again. He always was your favourite. I know you didn’t love Sid as much as he loves you, but he has already searched the house for you and it’s breaking my heart. If it’s possible, I think he will feel this more than anyone else in this family. Thank you for being the most lovely, stubborn, happy, tough little comedian we’ve ever known.

We will miss you so much xx




Some of my favourite images from over the years…