Just Sid {Noosa Sunshine Coast Pet Photographer}

Sid and I walk along Noosa River most afternoons, usually with my ipod shoved into my ears and legs shuffling along at quite a pace. It’s my time to switch off and just walk. Of course, with Sid on the end of the lead, I don’t really get to do that – he attracts a lot of attention and I get stopped frequently by river goers asking about ‘the pug’ or less often, ‘the boston terrier’. But that’s cool, I don’t mind showing off how awesome he is and doing a little bit of PR for the breed (he is a French Bulldog, but you probably know that).

Another thing I try to shut off when I’m walking along are my ‘camera eyes’. Other photographers will know what I mean. I look for light, I look for locations, I am constantly searching for the next cool spot for my clients. Did you ever play a video game as a kid (mine was Tetris) and you played for so long that when you went to bed, you shut your eyes and were still arranging blocks in neat rows? Having camera eyes is sort of like that.

Well, yesterday I wanted my camera eyes on when we went for that walk. Being back in Noosa after living away for 12 years, means that I need to start searching for locations for my family and pet sessions. So off we went, Sid, my camera and I. We went slowly, I looked around, I found some spots, I sat Sid down and bless him, he did as he was told. All this camera training has created a dog that is quite tolerant of my plonking him into position and getting him to sit and stay. If you’ve been to Noosa in the summer, you will know that it can be chaotic down there – people on bikes, kids on scooters, dog walkers, swimmers, joggers – it’s quite nuts. So we had an audience for the most part too. Lots of ‘awwwwws’ and ‘what a good pug’ etc etc (the actual pug was at home – she’s doesn’t walk much further than 10 metres these days, so needs to be chauffeur driven if we go anywhere – just in case you thought I was playing favourites).

It made me realise how grateful I am to have Sid. He can be crazy and he will chew anything left laying around, but he has matured into an amazing dog. His temperament is bombproof, he is beautiful with my kids and has bonded quite strongly to my youngest. If we are out walking and I stop, so does he, he walks nicely on lead, he exudes a friendly calm when he is accosted by kids and adults alike when we are out (at home it’s a different story – ha). So, a public thank you to his breeder, Kelly, who is entrusted me with this little guy almost two years ago, who is always there whenever I need her and has also become a wonderful friend. Good breeders are worth their weight in gold, truly – they take temperament into consideration, they health test, they aim to breed to a standard. Frenchies are gaining so much popularity right now and it’s more important than ever to do your research on the breed and your breeder. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been approached by strangers asking why Sid is desexed when I ‘could make so much money with him at stud’. Really? Really?! Yes, Sid is gorgeous, but I’ll leave the breeding to the breeders, thanks – that sort of dedication and heartbreak is not for me. So research. You will probably have to wait for a puppy, they are not produced in a factory and left waiting on shelves for you – be patient. Health tests should be done. The breeder should be registered with the Canine Control Council in your state. For more information – start here: http://www.qldfrenchbulldogclub.com

Anyway, locations. We found some. If you are on the Sunshine Coast and would like a session, just contact me and we can chat.