Kristy + Pete: Married {Noosa Wedding Photographer}

It was almost a year ago that Sydneysiders, Kristy and Pete, contacted me about shooting their wedding. I was thrilled to be asked, not only because they are lovely people, but because they were getting married in Noosa. Hooray! A local wedding for me. Even though I live here, I rarely shoot weddings here – I tend to end up in Brisbane or further. The prospect of driving 10 minutes home to my own bed was very comforting, as was knowing I would be shooting in a place I know like the back of my hand.

When I arrived, the girls were very quietly and calmly having their hair and make up done – this is always the case with the ladies – pacing themselves for the big day. Then I popped over to see the boys who (and this is also always the case) were in no hurry, drinking beer and listening to some 90s R&B (ok, so the 90s R&B is not always the case).* Still, the usual mad shower and ironing panic happened as I arrived. The boys were super cooperative and polite, perhaps the first ones to ever thank me for taking their photos. Then it was back to see the ladies again, where things were getting a bit more real and Kristy got into that amazing sparkly dress.

Noosa being the fickle beast that she is, put on a gorgeous sunny day – but also provided an epic wind. It was so windy that Kristy, to her absolute credit, did away with her veil at the beginning of the ceremony and laughed about it. After the ceremony we headed to the National Park for some images of the newly married couple. Kristy, to her credit again, thought nothing of trekking the dirt path in her Jimmy Choos. High five, lady. And then it was party time, where I was treated as one of the guests. Thank you so much guys, you made my job easy.


*I would like you all to know, I’ve had Montell Jordan’s ‘This Is How We Do It’ in my head for 3 weeks.