Luke + Nikki: Married {Noosa Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer}

‘This is my family. I found it all on my own. It’s a little broken, but still good.’

– Lilo and Stitch

Ah, another epic wedding. A rainy**, epic and so very special wedding. The wedding of my sister and her partner of 12 years, Luke. Simultaneously the easiest and most difficult wedding I’ve ever shot. Easy because it was my family, they are comfortable with me, comfortable with the camera (perhaps a little too much!) and I didn’t have to try – everything just flowed. Difficult because it was my family, I had to remember to shoot and not get caught up in the emotion and of course, the pouring rain made it a touch more difficult too. We spent lots of time running between buildings down on Hastings St, Noosa, brollies up, ducking for cover. The locals were brilliant, offering umbrellas, gazebos, apologies for the weather and even use of the lifeguard tower. Also, props to my sister who dealt with the rain without any tears or tantrums (can’t say I dealt with it that gracefully on my own wedding day!) and was a trooper even when her dress was drenched.
Earlier this year, Nik and I had a little *ahem* discussion regarding me shooting her wedding. She didn’t ask me because she wanted me to relax and enjoy the day. Truth is, I wouldn’t have been able to relax with someone else shooting the wedding. So I just asked (ok, told) her to let me do it – and that was that. I am so incredibly glad that I had the honor of shooting this special day. To Luke – you have been part of the family for a very long time, but I’m so glad you are now officially one of us. I must also thank my many second shooters for the day, I think there were four (maybe five?!) of you, that picked up the camera when they saw it sitting there and made sure I was captured as part of the day too. I am more grateful than you know. One thing you will notice in these images is the smiles and laughter. This is a completely accurate representation of our family – when we get together we laugh, full on belly with little tearies laughs. It’s the best.

** Note: I shoot a lot of wet weddings. A lot. More than my fair share, I believe. It poured at my wedding, it poured at my sisters wedding and it also poured at my parents wedding. I think it’s genetic. We’re also all still married, so I’m going to take it as an irritating sign of good luck. Future brides and grooms beware though. I should probably write it into my contract.