Married: Cam + Sasha – The First Bit

‘Go on and kiss the girl…’

– The Little Mermaid

I struggle a little bit to find the words to accompany the images when I blog, especially for weddings. I am good with pictures, not as good with words. Sasha and Cam are great with words – from the little cards they gave each other before the ceremony (I got to play postman – woo hoo!) right through to the speeches at the end of the night. Their words were simple and honest and straight to the point. And often hilarious. The constant laughing and smiling shows how they truly are the very best of friends. Not to mention the dancing that broke out at random intervals on the day. What more could you ask for really?

The wedding took place in Wombat Hollow, near Bowral on a very chilly, very drizzly and otherwise miserable day. One thing Sasha requested from me was lots of sun flare, as you can probably guess – no sun = no sun flare. I was slightly concerned. Sasha and Cam were not. They were cool, calm and collected and laughed in the face of the rain. Future brides and grooms take note – take a leaf out of Sasha and Cam’s book and laugh together.

The day was so big, with so much to photograph, that I decided I would split it into two blog posts. Enjoy The First Bit.