Married: Phoebe + Alistair

Ok, so sometimes I cry when I shoot weddings. Mostly I don’t, but sometimes I get carried away in the moment of a particularly awesome couple. During Phoebe and Alistair’s wedding, I was teary numerous times – when Phoebe put on her dress, during the ceremony, during Phoebe’s heartfelt speech… Why? I think it’s because the moment I was picked up from the airport on Friday, I was welcomed with open arms – not only by Pheebs and Al, but also by their friends and family. I hadn’t met these people before, but by Sunday I was hugging them goodbye like old friends. That says it all, really. I hope you get the same open love and warmth from the images as I felt when taking them.

It was a beautifully laid back wedding, with the majority of decorations handmade by the lovely couple (who knew Al was such a gun with the sewing machine?). Both the ceremony and reception were held at the 321 Learmonth Cafe, where we enjoyed gorgeous food and views. The best bit? Trivia at the reception! Genius! All the more special because Pheebs took Al to a trivia night for their first date. The day was stunning and simple, the vibe of love was strong and infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Big thanks to Pheebs, Al and their family and friends for making my job so easy – best wishes and much love to you all.