Melbourne Session: Bel + Family

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~Unknown

A few years ago I met Bel and her family when she helped me out with a market I did in Melbourne, and since then we have kept in contact via Facebook. She is kind and sweet and gorgeous and hilarious – and has recently transformed herself. I was so excited to photograph her and Shaun (and little Archie!) and document this change they have been through. What change? Bel has lost over 35kgs and Shaun over 20kgs. Amazing right? So the physical change is quite obvious and stunning, but what also floored me is Bel’s change in personality. She was always lovely, but now she absolutely shines. It’s hard for me to put the change into words, so I do hope it comes through in the images below.

Thank you so very much guys and a special thank you to Bel for trusting me to take these images, I know it’s not easy to be in front of the camera – especially when you have been so self conscious in the past. You are amazeballs and an inspiration and I am so proud to share your story.

Here is a little image that Bel sent me of her and Shaun and Archie a couple of years ago:

And here they are now: