Nik + Jason: Love + Maternity


I’ve waited here for you,


– Foo Fighters

I love these two, so very much. I have known Nik since primary school. She is the brains and beauty behind Events of Design, we have a lot in common and I often shoot her gorgeous work. Whenever I catch up with these two, I end up with tears of laughter rolling down my face. They are the best. As usual, we had a hilarious time on Saturday morning, lots of funny moments (which unfortunately I have been banned from showing publicly). We took umbrellas and battled a bit of rain, but we were mostly pretty lucky since it had been raining almost non stop in the days before. Nik is probably my only client ever to look up at the sun breaking through the rain clouds and say ‘Oh no, is that blue sky? It better not be blue sky!’ Ha. She is a lover of a dramatic sky, just like me.

This baby. Oh wow. So loved, so wanted, already adored. And that’s just by me. I will be the annoying friend trying to get into the hospital the minute this little one makes an appearance. Can’t wait. To be continued…