Pricing and Packages

My approach to portrait sessions really doesn’t vary that much to my weddings – I tend to do a few posed images but most of the session is shot documentary style. Photographing people in their environment is my favourite thing to do. This is why I love sessions shot in your home, surrounded by your people and your stuff, there’s something very genuine about it and those are the images that the kids will dig out in years to come (I know mine do). If you’re interested in having a portrait session, have a think about what sorts of things your family enjoys doing together and let’s shoot that. Beach cricket, guitar playing, brutal games of Monopoly, pool swims or wrestles with the dog in the yard. Let’s document the fun stuff. If you’re having a newborn session, I’ll most likely ask you to feed and bathe your little one and I’ll photograph that – the seemingly mundane that ends up being a blur in twelve months time. Less awkward, more heartfelt, let’s do it.